The Promise of a New Year

Reflections on Learning

Ever notice we who have children or work in education have two new years? That is a good thing. I love the promise of a new year. A chance to get right what didn't work last year, and a chance to speed up what did work. We are filled with optimism and idealism. Enjoy the moment. It's every bit as real as the struggles and challenges that inevitably follow. Let yourself be inspired. You don't do this because you like to struggle, you do because it is God's calling.

Why does the school year start in September? When school for kids first started it was year around. But in rural and farming areas attendance was poor in the summer term. Children were needed to work in the fields. So to save money they canceled the summer term. Then the fall naturally became the time to re-start, so that seemed like the time to start the year.
Strangely I didn't know that until I asked the question why do we have two new years. Questions that start with why are often powerful to learning. Little kids ask 'why' a lot. Bigger kids should too. They should hone their skills so they can find the answers on their own. To hone skills use this rule: first, you watch, then you try with help, then with less help, then on your own with access to support, then all on your own with someone you can show off the results to.

I trust and pray at this time that you would have a great year. May God bless and guide your decision

Dates and Resources

What I'm up to

With the exception of one new student, I've spent time with each of you to talk about the new year. Not enough time to be sure. I am keeping up with day to day matters and leaning into planning out the year, one family at a time. It is important that we are intentional about education. That's my role is to work with you until we have a meaningful year plan.

Communication and work routine:
I would encourage each of you to develop a routine. Put a weekly schedule on the wall near the dining room table where you do school. I'm slow to arise and build energy over the day. So my routine this year will be to wake and after devotions and breakfast, and go out and discover the wood shop for the rest of the morning. From about 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm I'll be at my desk.
I love to take your calls any time between 9:00am and 9:00pm. When you call me there's a definite area that needs attention. If you don't call me I'll call you just to catch up. If you call in the afternoon while I'm at my desk I might be more nimble, have access to more information and be able to handle things right away. Regardless, I'll repeat myself, call me anytime-- except during church. 🙂

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In the future I'll be putting ongoing useful information here.