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Rob Wahl’s Resource Page

It is very important that Parents and Learners decide what and how to learn rather than workbooks. I am rarely inspired by print resources, but I recognize the need. Parents can’t invent all their own learning activities for everything. When we want to be deliberate about learning sometimes we need some resources. When I run across things that I find classy, I share them here. I do not recommend loading up on resources, but neither do I recommend not having any. There’s nothing like a light touch to allow for both creativity and structure in learning.

Untested by very interesting– Recommended to try. 

Mystery Science: Videos that encourage exploration and problem-solving. Activity sheets help keep kids on task.

Unit Studies Kits from the Library: These are physical or online kits that you can reserve ahead of time. They work great when you want to be sure to be on the curriculum.

The Story of the World: A series of engaging books with learning materials built in. Available from the HCOS Library or to buy from Amazon. 

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Rob’s Recommendations


BC Exam Bank

Jump Math

Excellent Resources


All About Learning

HCOS Library Unit Kits (Science and Social Studies)

Big Book of Canadian Mapping


Other Recommended

Learn 360 

Training videos on using Learn360

“The Electric Company”.

Non-video resources that would be useful: 

Well Trained Mind

Home Page

Ordinary Parents’ Guide to teaching reading by Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington.

WriteShop primary book a by Nancy Sanders Incremental writing program

First Language Lessons, by Jessie Wise

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A Social Studies Resource Page

A Science Resource Page