Love Without Hypocricsy

Let love be without Hypocrisy

I appreciate those who called or email asking what I’ve been up to since I haven’t responded to SeeSaw uploads in a while. We attended the last of the BC wide Christian Home Education Conferences in Kelowna the last days of April. The conference was an excellent time to connect. I was personally touched, as many were, with Bonnie Landry’s remarks. Among Bonnie’s comments was that kindness is the Biblical virtue not being nice. Indeed, I have grown weary of being nice, and instead long to be one whose heart is full of kindness. For Bonnie kindness starts at home.

I tend to be far too nice and not nearly as kind as I should be. I remembered myself as a young teen reading Romans 12:9a, “Let love be without hypocrisy” and being deeply moved. When I am being nice, I am conducting myself in a way that I think will ingratiate myself to others; that is, I want to earn your love by playing a role, or providing some kind of service, in hopes that some benefit will come to me. Instead, I should give my obedience to Jesus and let my acts of kindness should flow from my imitation of the Master himself. In doing so, I get to create a channel for those “rivers of living water”. Where kindness flows people flourish, and nowhere more so than in your relationships at home.

Many teens can x-ray the sincerity of your love. As adults, we become increasingly practical, and we tend to forget the tender hearts of youth. I remember asking why my parents couldn’t love me as I am. A respected author reflecting on those words from his own son stated this was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard. Are parents supposed to love your temper tantrums? But I think he misunderstood the question.  Like an investment, love comes first in time, and growth follows. But how will a youth know they are loved?

Many children and youth struggle with growing up in a demanding world. They need our support. Love, says Scott Peck, is the will to extend oneself for the growth of another. Kindness, says Bonnie Landry, is the way in which your children will know your love. John Michael Talbot once wrote, “through our love they can see that he lives”.  It takes great effort and maturity to be kind.  In being kind we extend ourselves, sacrifice our impulse to be angry and controlling, and demonstrating that a relationship with Jesus actually makes a difference. Part of kindness, says Bonnie Laundry, is to simply be affable, which means to be good natured. Proverbs 15 says, “a gentle answer turns away wrath”. We want our children and youth to be learners. There is no better foundation for learning than the kindness of a loving family.

After the conference, we attended a family event in Calgary. We camped in the snow and loved on our adult children. My daughter is now 20 weeks pregnant with our first granddaughter. We’re so excited for her. We hope to embrace our role as grandparents who are kind, gentle, and well seasoned.


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Dates and Resources

Leaving Money on the Table

Everyone is aware of HCOS funding for learning resources. If for any reason you don't need all of it, there's nothing wrong with leaving it for others. It's a shared table and HCOS counts on the fact that few people spend every dime in their accounts. That said, it's wise to be deliberate about it, rather than missing the deadlines. My classroom experience matches my HCOS experience: conclude spending for the current year by the end of March. That leaves room for error and emergencies. Spend only what you need and leave the rest, but don't just procrastinate past the deadline. That's not good for learners.

  1. Funding Opens for 2019-2020 school year: approx. April 30 (Means you can get a Purchase Order number for 2019 - 2020 and use them to get supplies for September.)
  2. Deadline for purchasing outside of Canada: May 1
  3. Deadline for using the 2018-2019 PO#: May 15
  4. Purchasing Department shutdown: May 15  to July 1 (This means no special orders-- the ones that go through Purchasing. You can still use your 2019-2020 Purchase Order number directly with vendors who take HCOS Purchase Orders.) 

Note also: This is the last year for internet reimbursements.

Dates and Links:  

June 7 Deadline for new work samples.

June 24 Report Cards are complete and available.

You may be interested in my recommended resources page. I only add to these resources when I see a learner has done well using it within the BC curriculum. I hope to add a few more links this year.

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