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The Heritage Online Christian School Individualized program conforms the BC curriculum. What makes it special is the personalized learning plan that provides for you a license to follow a program individualized to your family and your children. The learning plan is done in consultation with you and with a goal to meet your needs as well as meet the Ministry of Education’s requirements for funded programs. 

It’s rare that you can buy a single curriculum package that will meet all or your curricular needs. Be careful about American Curriculum. The HCOS Individualized Program is not a license to follow any curriculum available, but you can still use those materials to your advantage. First of all, most of what you will do will have some aspects of it that are required curricular goals. Secondly, there is nothing to say you can’t learn more than what is in the curriculum. 

  1. Start with the HCOS Learning Commons Library. I realize it’s a lot of content there, but for those who master it, there’s a wonderful world of grade-appropriate resources, all free, that meet the curriculum.  Plan to use the library to meet the curriculum.
  2. Order your materials to satisfy your interests or areas where your children are curious. I’ll add those into your Learning Plan whenever they come up. Ideally, purchased materials should support the program rather than ‘be’ the program. However, structured materials are what makes learning at home really work. Going on your own is possible, but not without reading and understanding the curriculum guide.