Posting to SeeSaw

Posting to SeeSaw

I have completed your report cards and they are available in Encom under the “Report Cards” button.

It was great to see some of a close-up view of learner’s educational growth. There were questions about what to post in SeeSaw . So this letter is to provide you with some useful guidance.

Use the shotgun approach.

The point of a shotgun is that it shoots many bullets in the hopes that some will find their target. When you upload a lot of items it allows me to sift through to find what I’m looking for. I find things like Heath Education in your Bible uploads and Career Education in your PE activities. I make comments about the learners' frequency of practice and inferences about the time a learner spends on learning tasks.

Remember kids can learn to post their own work to SeeSaw.

Upload pictures of children while doing activities. Say what the picture shows.

Leave notes and messages. Your comments and notes are valuable. They do not replace samples of learner’s work, but they are very good for making sense of it.

Post tables of contents of resources you are using. When you do that, check off what you’ve done.

Scan and send anything the learner has created such as

Worksheets that are completed
A drawing with words
Writing samples, paragraphs, essays
Video recording of the student reading or performing
A written project.
Recorded presentations of a project.

Open-ended work is much more interesting and valuable as evidence of learning. Open-ended questions can best be understood as questions that aren’t either right or wrong. Open-ended questions can be wrong, partly wrong, partly right, mostly right, or right. They can be poor answers, fair answers, good answers, or excellent answers. Here’s a couple of examples:

Closed-ended questions

Polycarp was born in the year _________.
The moon is _________ km from the sun.
In what year did the apostle John die?

Open-ended questions:

How did Polycarp contribute to the early church?
Draw the earth and moon in a scale drawing and describe the moon's distance compared to its size.
What did the death of the apostle John mean to the early church?

Upload one sample of each subject every other week. if you're not able to use the shotgun approach

For example:
Week 1: Language Arts, Bible, Science, ADST, and PE/Health
Week 2: Socials, Art, Career, Math, Foreign Language

Please note that the time is short between now and the end of Term 2. A reasonable level of posting would be an average of one item per day per child. More is always better.

Happy Learning.

Dates and Resources

My main job during this part of the year is to review your samples and provide feedback. The more samples you send the more you get service you get from Rob. I look in SeeSaw each morning and respond to everything I see. 

Dates and Links: November 23-- Term Ends

December 24-Jan. 1 HCOS Offices Closed

February 22 Term Two cutoff for submissions to SeeSaw

You may be interested in my recommended resources page. I only add to these resources when I see a learner has done well using it within the BC curriculum. I hope to add a few more links this year.

 Rob Wahl recommended resources