Contacting Rob

Your emails and calls are an asset to me. So please keep it up.  If you take the initiative to call or email, I don’t have to call each of you and ask what’s up. I know what is the important to talk about and it’s straight to business.  I’m happy to receive your calls and emails anytime it’s convenient for you.

I use my cell phone for work: 250 631 2838. If I don’t answer please leave a message. I’ll respond to messages during working hours unless that’s something suggests otherwise.

Here’s my contact information:

Robert J. Wahl
4112 Benner Street,
Terrace, BC
V8G 3A9

     Phone 250 635 4119
     email: [email protected] 

     Phone 250 631 2838
     email [email protected]

About Vulcanville

I use this website anytime I need to put something on the web. I enjoy having the responsibility and the learning that comes with it.  

Vulcanville has been my web moniker ever since the 1990’s. I adopted it as homage to my childhood hero. The origins of “Vulcanville” actually hail back to 1979 and Vulcan mineral exploration project. As a 20-year-old science-oriented youth, I contributed by collecting geochemical and geophysical data, building drill platforms, and running kilometers of water hoses. I also supported the helicopters and float plane pilots. It was actually my life for seven years. We had a tiny town made of wall tents helipad and float plane “dock”; and since the mineral prospect was called the “Vulcan” we called our village Vulcanville. If anyone who was in that camp ever reads this, please contact me immediately. I forgot my vest.

The term captured my imagination. With Vulcanville, I portray my life as a voyage of discovery. Like Spock, I often feel like an outsider no matter how much I have to offer. Like Spock, I seek the adventure of learning and growing in what I know and understand. I love to create; but I’m not a painter, an architect or a graphic designer. I do find outlets for creativity including music, photography, course development and websites designed. My websites reflect the communities they represent, not only in their content but the technologies behind them.  

Please feel free to look around, there will be a great deal more coming in the months and years ahead.

Best Wishes