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About Rob

Like you I am many things. I am a leader and follower, learner and teacher, passionate and indifferent. I am a retired teacher, a follower of Jesus Christ, a son of God. None of these make me unique.

Perhaps what sets me apart from some others is the intensity of my lifelong learning. It seems to matter little what I'm learning. I have engaging hobbies that last many years. I recently packed up my reef aquarium to focus on my woodworking shop. I want to become a craftsman. As a teacher, I have a passion for what makes children learners.

I want every child to become a young adult who holds the reigns of their own learning.

I'm at home in a woodworking shop, a geology laboratory, an IT office. After thirty years of working in rural and remote BC, I don't really have to do anything. But everyone wants to contribute.  I became versatile because I love to take serious shots at the big problems I face. Win or lose, I'm going to stay dignified by giving it my best.  I can handle a classroom full of children, sophisticated software, or a topographic map. Perhaps what ties my greatest achievements together is that I seem to have a unique gift for understanding and creating the learning and working and learning conditions that build cultures of achievement in diverse groups and situations. These cultures have appeared under my watch in church ministries, mineral exploration teams, small schools, an educational technology department and distributed learning program. When provided with the necessary leadership support and authority I design learning and working conditions that build the individual to better contribute to the larger vision of the organization.

Some of my interests have included outdoor adventure, geomorphology, reef aquaria, woodworking, educational technology and virtual world education.

Minecraft-Zizibar-Marsibar-Team-Ep1 from Whatever on Vimeo.